Sunday, October 21, 2007

As a trainee...

I came
They saw
I greet
They nod
I ask
They point
I touch
They said no
I ask why
Just no
I look
We toured
I ask
They said later
I observe
They agree
I sat
They work
I stood up
Still they work
I help
They said no again
Back to observe
Back they work
I sat
They stare
I walk
They follow
I went out
They don’t know
I went in
Still don’t know
I yawn
They said go
I went home
Same thing tomorrow

Friday, September 21, 2007


I’ve never written any article for the purpose of posting in the internet. In fact, I’ve never even wrote any article ever….at least since college.

Not until now!

You see when you are alone in a place where your far away, very far, from your family and relatives, the thoughts of doing what you usually don’t do at “home” becomes very possible and some what becomes very helpful and therapeutic to ease the sadness and torture of being alone for a long time. Actually, on my part, I have already prepared myself for these kinds of mental tortures.

Before I came here in Saudi Arabia to work as a nurse, I already said to myself that I can make this work and will survive during my entire stay here! I will not be defeated by loneliness but always be pre-occupied by some other things when out of duty. And this writing-thing is one of my options to keep me mentally and emotionally stable as well.

Back home in the Philippines, I remember reading articles written by my wife in the internet. Sometimes, I even sneaked at her back when she’s trying to finish an article but she would always caught me and will hurriedly cover the computer monitor with her two hands for me not to read what she’s typing. She doesn’t want her articles to be read unfinished that’s why. Anyway, after writing, she would eventually let me read what she had written.

I think they called it BLOGS. My wife maintains a few or two blog accounts. She’s a good writer. In fact, she sometimes serves as my “editor” when I needed her help with some paper works. I remember she said of how eager she was to write and wanted to be a writer. Maybe not in a professional way but more like a hobby. She could not do that before because she was still working. She would be mentally and physically exhausted every after work that she couldn’t face the writing anymore as much as she wants to. But immediately after resigning from her job, and the installation of our internet connection at home, she was now able to write as much as she wants to.

The inspirations of her writing came from her every day life. From happiness to sadness, to frustrations and achievements. She even wrote something about our dog Buffy and her two puppies. Simple things she wrote but gives her the utmost joy of fulfillment and the satisfaction that now she can enjoy writing in her own way. Seeing her enjoying what she’s doing makes me happy.

So now, I will try to accomplish what she had accomplished so far in the field of writing. I will start now and try to continue this until I had nothing to write about…which I think is impossible!